HELIX Micro Rebar

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Calculate Helix Dosage

Helix, simply put, is a replacement for rebar.

Helix on Black BackgroundIn any application, from structural foundations, to slabs, to suspended structural concrete, to paving, Helix willincrease the strength and durability of concrete.

Replacing rebar or mesh with Helix has many quantifiable advantages:



  • Improved crack resistance
  • Increased durability
  • Improved shear strength

In short, Helix is a better way to reinforce concrete.


Helix for ICF

Provides engineering details and reference charts to determine the necessary Helix dosage for typcial ICF projects.

application-pdf Helix Engineering Details for ICF.pdf

Visit the Technical page and download Design with Helix-10 Reasons for more details on the Top 10 Reasons to Design with Helix.

Visit our projects page for a list of projects that have already been done with Helix.  Our Testimonials page shares some of the experiences that our contractors have had with using Helix.  And finally, for details about how Helix works, please see our Technical page.

Engineering Tables

South Dakota Helix Engineering – ICF_HELIX TABLES_SD

Oklahoma Helix Engineering – ICF_HELIX TABLES_OK

Nebraska Helix Engineering – ICF_HELIX TABLES_NE

North Dakota Helix Engineering – ICF HELIX_TABLES_ND

Iowa Helix Engineering – ICF_HELIX TABLES_IA

Minnesota Helix Engineering – ICF_HELIX TABLES_MN

Technical Details

Please browse through our Technical Evaluation Report.

A simple idea hatched from examining the difference between a screw and a nail has allowed Helix to offer the construction industry unprecedented performance and economy. What was not possible before, complete rebar replacement, is possible with Helix.

The performance of standard concrete reinforcement is governed by friction. Concrete must crack and the rebar begin to slip before it can engage and carry any load. Rebar is deformed to increase the friction between the rebar and concrete to reduce slippage once it starts.

Helix, on the other hand cannot slip out of the concrete. It must untwist.

Introduction to Helix

Helix Doser Assembly

You Have Options!

You can purchase the VibraDoser as an assembled unit or you can purchase grate from your local building supply store. View the details in the attached document.