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We Simplify Concrete Construction using a Plastic Technology that is Fundamentally Changing the Construction Industry.

Pat Boeshart is the founder and CEO of LiteForm Technologies in South Sioux City Nebraska. His early career was spent as a professional contractor, specializing in custom home construction.

After a successful introduction to ICF (Insulating Concrete Form) construction in the 1980’s, Pat invented and patented the components for the LiteForm® concrete forming system. He organized the LiteForm corporation in 1986 and began marketing the system with the aid of a developmental grant from the U.S. Dept. of Energy.

According to Mr. Boeshart, a significant feature of LiteForm’s concrete forms is folding technology which allows the pre-assembled ICF blocks to fold flat, for packaging, shipping and handling. “We can ship over 7,000 square feet of forms on a single flatbed. With the growing cost of fuel, that’s a major advantage for this new series,” commented Mr. Boeshart.

LiteForm specializes in the manufacturing and design of highly efficient insulating concrete form (ICF) systems. In addition to LiteForm ICF’s, the  LiteForm family of products include FlexxBoard25, Construction Grade Foam, LiteDeck solid concrete alternatives for floor, roof, and deck applications in residential, commercial and safety structure products, Xtreme Bond Composite Wall Panels and LiteForm Tilt, Insulated Concrete Forms for Tilt Up Construction.
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Our Mission Statement

To train the professional and amateur builder on the features and benefits of the LiteForm® concrete building system. To introduce refinements and improvements which will make the system more cost-effective for residential and commercial building projects. To train and equip licensed outlets worldwide so that they are able to manufacture major components of the system within their own facility. To train and equip qualified outlets on how to operate a concrete construction Service Center…a proven method of business which provides a high level of customer service and convenience.