Insulating Concrete Forms provide sustainable, energy-efficient concrete building envelopes.

LiteForm manufactures the FlexxBlock line of pre-assembled ICF “Block” forms for use in single-story or multi-story residential or commercial projects. Flat, monolithic cavities will accommodate all rebar requirements.
Continuous furring strips, pre-molded corners, and exclusive accessories make set-up and bracing quick and simple. High-density packaging reduces shipping and handling costs.

Benefits and Advantages

LiteForm Insulated Concrete Forms provide a continuous insulation barrier, which eliminates thermal bridging, air infiltration, and isolates the structure from outdoor temperature swings. Windows and Doors are very easy to install within the system. In addition, LiteForm ICF’s internal tie system doubles as an attachment point for any interior or exterior finish treatment. LiteForm ICF’s smooth EPS finish is also ready to accept cementitious finishes like EIFS or Stucco.

LiteForm FlexxBlock Benefits - Recycled Polypropylene
Recycled Polypropylene
LiteForm FlexxBlock Benefits - Positive Tongue and Groove
Positive Tongue and Groove
LiteForm FlexxBlock Benefits - Continuous Fastening Hinge Tie
Continuous Fastening Hinge Tie

Customer Service

LiteForm’s team has over 30 years experience in the manufacturing and development of ICF systems and accessories. LiteForm offers the ICF industries largest variety of forming methods for horizontal and vertical concrete forms. FlexxBlock can offer professional support for any project, residential or commercial.

We provide valuable tools to help homeowners, contractors, architects, and design professionals. We have information support including; technical videos, design specification guides, along with a vast project photo gallery and much more!

Folding Efficiency

LiteForm ICF forms are designed to reduce the rising cost of shipping, CO2 emissions, and job site space. The only way we can offer these savings is with our patented folding forms. LiteForm ICF’s folding design dramatically reduces shipping cost and job site space by 55%. One single truckload of LiteForm ICF’s = 7,700 sq ft of wall forms compared to other non-folding ICF’s that typically fit only 3500 sq ft of wall forms per truck. These building components reduce the carbon output and environmental impact without sacrificing superior strength and performance.

LiteForm FlexxBlock - Efficiency

Performance that Last Forever


R-23 or more – No air leakage – High mass walls


Factory direct pricing. Energy Tax Incentives.


Equal to commercial “privacy” walls – STC 53 or more


Resists 200 mph deadly winds and debris


Preferred for “fire” walls – Typical 2 hour Fire Rating on concrete


Forms or concrete do not contribute to mold growth


Conserve natural resources and reduce fuel consumption


The Construction Grade Foam for use both as a superior insulation and as under-slab thermal barrier.

FlexxBoard25 was developed by LiteForm, one of the first manufacturers of Insulated Concrete Forms made of Expanded Polystrene Rigid Foam Insulation (EPS). LiteForm’s proprietary processes and continual improvements led to the development of FlexxBoard25 – a rigid foam insulation board that provides improved performance over XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) – at a lower cost.

  • Under-Slab Thermal Barrier
  • In-Floor Heating
  • Perimeter Insulation
  • Custom Fill Applications
  • Roof Applications

Residential Projects

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