Architectural Benefits of LiteForm Products

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Our customers expect a lot from us – and they should

At LiteForm, our success is heavily relied upon by the success of the structures designed using our forms. Whether you’re working on a LEED project for future energy sustainability or designing a solution for a clients needs, our focus is helping you provide value to your clients.

LiteForm has one of the longest track records of creating value for our customers applying a breadth of construction expertise across a wide range of projects around the globe. We demonstrate this expertise and commitment through our On-Site Education and LiteForm Training Courses.

It is this approach that provides the foundation for our partnerships, helping us solve the world’s toughest construction challenges together.

LiteForm Design Guide
This comprehensive design guide provides useful information for designing using Insulating Concrete Forms. Included in this guide is detail drawings, installation steps, product specifications, project profiles among other marketing and promotional items. If you would like a hard copy of this guide simply send us an email to

On-Site Education Course

LiteForm offers custom ICF presentations that can be presented at your firm. The presentation gives a basic yet thorough understanding of Insulated Concrete Forms and how they are utilized in design and construction of both residential and commercial projects. Formed walls and decks as well as pre-cast deck and tilt-wall systems utilizing ICFs are included in the presentation. Covered subjects include, but are not limited to:

Introduction to ICF Construction

• ICF Construction Systems
• ICF Application Usage
• ICF Features and Benefits

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