LiteDeck Wood Rib System

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LiteDeck® has developed a “hybrid” forming system for elevated concrete slabs. LiteDeck® WRS (Wood Rib System) is comprised of high density EPS foam decking and standard 2×6 lumber.


Building Safe Structures

LiteDeck Safe RoomIt is possible to build a structure that is safe and secure. Every day, LiteForm in South Sioux City is helping homeowners who are in the building process put a Safe Room in their home for strength and sustainability. David Hall of LiteForm, said concrete Safe Rooms can be incorporated into any building plan, whether it’s for a new or existing home or business, and be finished any way you like. “If you’re planning an addition to your home, such as a three-season porch or garage, concrete Safe Rooms can be incorporated underneath. Safe Rooms can be built above or below ground. safeRoomWith LiteDeck, forming elevated concrete is simple, fast and energy efficient, eliminating the need for heavy lifting equipment such as cranes. Design possibilities are endless,” Hall said. Because of the unpredictable weather patterns, more homeowners are genuinely concerned about the safety and the integrity of their living spaces during inclement weather, especially if they don’t have basements.

Technical Details

LiteDeck Design Guide:

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All LiteDeck Detail Drawings
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Fire Rating Evaluation
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Sound Transmission Rating
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Concrete Consumption Chart

Chart of concrete needed for LiteDeck construction, at various thicknesses.

LiteDeck Literature

LiteDeck Brochure

Lightweight Concrete Deck Form that is great for forming floors, roofs, and decks. Wide array of Versatility and Superior Sound Retention. These are characteristics only LiteDeck can offer.


LiteDeck WRS Installation Manual
Installation guide for LiteDeck WRS (Wood Rib System).


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