Insulated Concrete: A Smarter Homebuilding Decision

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Save over 60% on Heating and Cooling Bills!

Your entire home can be constructed with LiteForm’s Insulating Concrete Forms. The power of the insulated concrete walls (building envelope) far exceed the energy requirements for today’s building code. LiteForm homes offer tornado resistance, moisture resistance, zero air infiltration and most importantly a far more comfortable living space. From small retaining walls to full concrete homes, we have a knowledgeable staff ready to help you build your next concrete structure.

The Quiet Leader in Home Construction

Do you live close to the tracks or a major highway? Do you just like your peace and quiet? No Problem! Houses built with LiteForm ICF products reduce outside noise to a whisper with an STC-Rating over 50.

More Than a Basement!

ICFs or Insulated Concrete Forms have been used for foundations for quite some time. Why stop at the ground level? Ask us how to integrate LiteForm ICF’s into your above-ground applications for unmatched energy efficiency, safety and comfort.

Keep Your Family Safe and Secure

With proper installation, LiteForm products protect against deadly winds, fires, hurricanes and earthquakes.

LiteForm walls are resistant to cracking and buckling. The LiteForm walls are sandwiched between 2 walls of high density Expanded Polystyrene Foam. The Foam is continuous and adheres to the concrete.

Concrete Benefits

Strong_&_Secure Strong_&_Secure2

Why Pay More for Energy? LiteForm ICF’s promote energy efficiency with R-Values upwards of 30, while allowing little air infiltration and minimal temperature change from the elements.



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LiteForm ICF

LiteForm ICF

Pre-assembled ICF “Folding Block” forms can be used for single story or multi-story residential or commercial projects.