When Frank Froelich of Hinton, Iowa poured a 26-by-60-foot concrete patio last summer, he wanted to use products that would keep the concrete from heaving and cracking in a couple of years. 

He visited with LiteForm Technologies of South Sioux City, and purchased the FlexxBoard25 and Helix products. FlexxBoard25 is a rigid foam board insulation specifically designed for use under concrete. 

“The rigid foam board insulation keeps the frost away from the concrete and keeps it from lifting the concrete. Even with this cold weather, it hasn’t moved a bit,” said Froelich, who started Fremont Tire in 1976 and is now retired. 

Construction grade foam insulation from LiteForm can be used for new or replacement sidewalks, driveways or patios. The insulating board also works for insulating uninsulated spaces, and for shallow frost-protected foundations.

“Contractors can in some cases reduce the amount of concrete that gets used for the project. It speeds the process and saves labor because you avoid the process of bending, cutting and tying rebar,” Hall said.

Over the years, Froelich has used other LiteForm products for commercial and residential projects, and he keeps coming back to them because they create structures that are strong, have a high insulation value, and are quiet inside.

“I tried the products and I liked them,” he said. “LiteForm is amazing technology.”

“Many people are looking to LiteForm Technologies for a solution,” said Pat Boeshart, president of LiteForm Technologies. “Insulating saves money. People can feel good about using these high quality insulating products because they are made right here in Siouxland.”

For more information about building a strong and durable structure with products from LiteForm Technologies, call (402) 241-4402 or visit them at www. Liteform.com.