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Frost Protected Shallow Foundations are a practical alternative to deeper, more costly foundations in cold regions that experience seasonal ground freezing and frost heaving.

LiteForm’s Frost Protected Shallow Foundation Systems have been used for over 20 years in Nebraska and Iowa. Our forms have also been a part of several projects in Montana and near the Canadian border without fail in sub-zero temperatures with 100% satisfaction by our customers/owners.

Frost Protected Footings by LiteForm not only simplify the building process but also save thousands of dollars with no compromise in quality or in long-term performance in residential and commercial foundations.


  • FPSF’s (Frost Protected Shallow Foundation’s) require less excavation resulting in lower labor and equipment costs
  • Less concrete is consumed when utilizing Frost Protected Footing forms
  • Formed and poured quickly, thus speeding the work schedule
  • FPSF’s provide an opportunity for increased energy savings due to insulation requirements
  • Pre-Cut Frost Protected Footing forms are delivered to job site for ease of  assembly

Technical Details

LiteFoot Technical Bulletin – 18″ and 30″

LiteFoot frost protected footing form details and dimensions.


LiteFoot Monolithic Footing Form

LiteFoot monolithic frost protected footing form details and dimensions.


LiteFoot Literature


Description and specifications for LiteFoot frost protected shallow footing.

Revised builders guide to FPSF

Revised Builders Guide to FPSF


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