Insulated Concrete Forms for Tilt-Up Construction

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The patented LiteForm TILT® system is an insulated concrete form for tilt up construction. This system consists of expanded polystyrene panels and 18-guage steel attachment rails. These concrete form panels provide a lighter, faster, more energy efficient casting bed for all kinds of site-cast, tilt-up concrete walls. Insulation panels can be incorporated as part of an energy efficient finished wall with a nominal R-30 insulating value. Or, the panels can be modified to be used several times to cast conventional, non-insulated concrete walls. 


  • Reduced tilt-up form panel weight allows simple, single-point face lifting.
  • Concrete panels are quickly customized to incorporate custom block outs and openings
  • Standard LiteForm Tilt Forms are 2 foot or 4 foot wide. Custom designs are available for virtually any width
  • LiteForm Tilt-Up form panels are provided in custom lengths of 40-foot and more, to be field cut as needed
  • Standard structural ribs are every 24-inches or locations can be customized
  • Rib depths can be customized as needed per engineering specs

Technical Details

LiteForm Design Guide:

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All LiteDeck Detail Drawings
Fire Rating Evaluation
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Sound Transmission Rating
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LiteForm Tilt Literature

LiteForm Tilt

This brochure includes information on the versatility and benefits of the LiteForm Tilt system.

LiteForm Tilt Technical Manual

LiteForm Tilt Technical Evaluation Manual

This project binder includes photos and Specs on a number of different projects completed using Lite-Deck Tilt.

Concrete Producer Magazine, which has featured LiteForm Tilt.

Concrete Producer Article

LiteForm Tilt walls are featured in the November issue of Concrete Products magazine. Learn how North Dakota’s explosion of oil activity resulted in the construction of this new energy efficient ready-mix plant.

Xtreme Bond Brochure

This brochure includes information on the benefits of Xtreme Bond Tilt Up and Pre Cast system.

Liteform Tilt Projects

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby chose LiteForm Tilt for their Sioux City, IA store for two reasons, energy efficiency and quicker time to completion.