LiteForm Architectural Details

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General Specifications

Product LiteForm ICF
Overall Dimension 16" x 48"
Form Wall Thickness, per side

2.5 inches

Number of Ties 6
Attachment Rails Continuous
Pull Out Strength of Tie


In-Wall Bracing (Optional) Horizontal every 4'
Concrete Core Sizes 4" - 12"
R-Value (Form only by test) R-23

Fire Rating

4 inch - 1 Hour | 6 inch - 3 Hours | 8 inch - 4 Hours
STC (Sound Transmission Class) 53

Sketchup Details

LiteForm 8 inch Left and Right Corner
LiteForm 8 inch Straight Block

Interior and Exterior Finishing


Drywall applied directly over insulation surface, attached with standard drywall screws into polypropylene forming ties.


Synthetic masonry, damproofing or waterproofing applied directly onto insulation surface per manufacturer. Prefabricated finishes are attached mechanically into continuous polypropylene forming ties with fasteners which are appropriate for exterior use. In buildings where people normally work or reside, polystyrene concrete forms must be fully protected from the interior of the building by fire resistant material such as 1/2 inch gypsum board (drywall) or the equivalent.

Determining Concrete Volume

Height (feet) X Length (feet) X Thickness (inches) X .0031 = Cubic Yards

Design Guide

design_guide_pictureOur comprehensive design guide includes all of the data you should need to design using our Insulating Concrete Forms. If you need additional product specifications you will need to contact us at 1-800-551-3313